Tay Cities Deal. Creating a Smarter and Fairer Region.

The Tay Cities Deal brings together public, private and voluntary organisations in the council areas of Angus, Dundee, Fife and Perth & Kinross to deliver a smarter and fairer region.

To do so the local authorities that make up the Tay Cities zone will negotiate with the UK and Scottish Governments to secure investment and greater local powers. This will be used to encourage skills development and progress infrastructure such as roads, rail links, buildings and communications networks.  

Under the deal business, higher and further education, local government and the Third Sector will work closely together to create growth more quickly and sustainably using the significant public investment to bring greater prosperity and equality.

The UK and Scottish Governments will be paid back over an agreed time period through increased business and tax receipts.

We have mapped the majority of Tay Cities proposed projects on a GIS map.The projects are mapped by theme (check the map key which outlines the different symbols for each theme); and under each project it also notes how many jobs are expected to be created (if estimated); the map can be zoomed in and out. Key transport corridors are also mapped, as are major employers across the Tay Cities region. In addition it is also possible to overlay the local government wards onto the map which highlight the numbers and percentages of individuals unemployed in that ward.